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House System

The Overarching Vision

The role of rewards in recognising and promoting St Andrew’s values is a key part of developing the potential of young men by giving encouragement and praise. Praise is a key component of good teaching and good staff/student relationships. Good behaviour is also best promoted and developed by drawing attention to and rewarding well-behaved and hardworking students. Praise will to be used appropriately, sincerely and linked to tangible examples of a student’s strengths.

How does it operate?

The rewards policy operates within this guiding principle.

The system also links individual recognition and achievement to the house system and develops a healthy competitiveness at house level, fostering a tangible sense of belonging.

The reward system centres on the awarding of House Points.

House points will be based and awarded on the 3 core values of St Andrew’s School:

  • Be Proud
  • Be courteous
  • Achieve

House points are recorded on Show My Homework (Kudos). The member of staff will then enter these on the ePortal.

How will it be applied?

Each Faculty will explain how to earn house points in their areas. Different subjects will have create their own criteria for the core values.

For example awarded for:

  • Strong oral contributions – Be proud
  • Helping another student - Courteous
  • Strong test/homework performance – Achieve
  • Improvement in levels – Achieve


Teachers will award 1 house point to students, in acknowledgement of hard work, effort, progress, acts of kindness or actions which recognise the 3 core values of the school. Teachers record house points on Kudos and it is expected that this is open on teachers’ computers throughout lessons to reduce administration time.


Tutors will award house points for actions which fit into “Courteous”. These are recorded on Kudos. If there are exceptional acts, these will be submitted on to HOY or SLT for consideration of further recognition.

The value of House points

SLT, HOY’s and HOFs can award The Gold House Point (worth 25 house points) for anything above and beyond the normal house point. This will lead to a personalised letter home.

Likewise the Headteacher and Chair of Governors will award The Platinum House Point (worth 50 house points) for strong support for the ethos of St Andrew’s, representing the school in some way or to students sent to HT and CofG for special recognition (particularly for excellent academic achievement).

House points for attendance can only be rewarded by the Head of Year each half term. HOY will be supported by Pastoral Officer.

  • 100% - 10 HP
  • 95% and over – 8 HP
  • 92% - 94% - 5 HP
  • Most improved attendance (for those under – 2 HP)

All other house points can only be rewarded as singular numbers by staff unless it is a HOF/HOY/SLT.

All personal house points will be fed into the student’s house. The winning house will be announced at the end of the academic year. This is the sole responsibility of the Deputy Head Teacher

Living the vision around the St Andrew’s

Staff are entitled to award a student a house point for demonstrating kindness, thoughtfulness or selflessness.

Examples of this type of behaviour might be:

  • Picking up litter, maintaining the school environment.
  • Helping another student if lost/stuck.
  • Helping a visitor.
  • Assisting staff with open evenings/school events.
  • Contribution to local community – voluntary work, reading at local primary school etc.