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Student Leadership Teams

St Andrew’s is committed to giving all of our young men the opportunity to develop self-confidence, resilience and become young leaders.

Our staff offer exceptional experiences beyond the classroom, challenging our students to take risks, work independently, experience new activities and develop the skills to work in a team all in a safe and supported environment. This happens from the moment our students start at St Andrew’s when all year 7s are invited to take part in a residential trip in September, providing opportunities to work with new friends and challenge themselves in a safe and supporting way with their peers and teachers. Opportunities continue to present themselves throughout their school career at St Andrew’s.

We encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility and rights through the Head Boy Team and the the work of two active student bodies: Student Council and Make Learning Better (MLB).

The 2020-21 Head Boy Team consist of

Head Boy (Joint) Awab Suliman and Ted Williams
Deputy Head Boy  Mark Salmon
Deputy Head Boy  Tom Humphrey
Deputy Head Boy  Ethan Lloyd

There are very few schools that embed Student Voice with the vigour and sincerity of St Andrew’s. The student council meets regularly to share students' ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and the school leadership team. They often also help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events and working in the community. Their voice represents students from all year groups and demographics and the impact of their work is shared among the whole community. Some of our young leaders are part of the wider student council community and work with other schools and bodies to raise awareness of pertinent issues and share great ideas.

MLB is a group of students trained in undertaking work to improve learning in the St Andrew’s community.  They are involved with staff training, interviewing of staff (including the Headteacher) and, where appropriate, will give feedback to staff on good practice that really helps the young men learn. The young men also undertake peer mentoring where boys support the emotional, educational and social welfare of others.

At St Andrew’s our young men can become leaders both among their peers and with young children from our local schools.  In recent years they have supported lessons in primary schools and acted as buddies for students who are lacking in confidence or who have needed assistance in reading.

These are just a few examples of how St Andrew’s encourages our students to truly lead and have a meaningful input into the direction of their school community.

St Andrew’s centres around the students and it is their unique perspective which guarantees their right to have a voice and be represented fully in their school.