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Assessment is an integral and vital part of the teaching and learning process at St Andrew’s. It will provide information about the current performance of pupils and should create an accurate picture of a pupil’s performance and potential for staff, parents, and the pupil themselves.

The School’s policy on the assessment and reporting of pupils’ progress has a central part to play in fulfilling the following expectations:

  • That pupils, parents and staff are engaged in purposeful dialogue in relation to academic targets, progress and next steps.
  • That staff establish and foster the link between assessment, learning and attainment, using assessment to support learning and personal improvement.
  • That staff help pupils to develop the skills which they need both to understand what their learning targets are and to reflect on their progress towards achieving those targets.

Four formal reports are issued annually to each of Years 7 – 10. These consist of three interim reports and a full comment based report. Year 11 students receive one interim report and a full report.

Life Without Levels – Key Stage 3 (moving to 9-1 Grading at Key Stage 4)

What we aim to achieve at Key Stage 3

  • A key stage 3 assessment system that develops the key skills and knowledge for success at KS4.
  • A system based heavily on formative feedback that allows students to succeed and develop a growth mind set.
  • A system that is simple and easy to understand for parents, students and staff without the need for clumsy National curriculum levels.
  • An approach that shows consistency across subjects but is also flexible to suit subject needs.

Our approach at Key stage 3

  • A 5-pathway Mastery model is designed to guide the students learning towards final GCSE requirements.
  • On entry each student is placed onto an expected progress pathway in order to monitor individuals/subject progress and potential outcomes. KS2 entry data, CAT testing combined with FFT aspire estimates are used to place students onto subject specific pathways.
  • Each student will not be given their targeted pathway in order to foster the growth mind set, instead students will be linked to how they are progressing on certain pathways and what they would need to do to improve through the schools marking policy.

What we report to you

Key Stage 3 - When reporting in Year 7 to 9 a realistic prediction (RP) towards the end of Key Stage Target will be reported. This is created using the schools information and teachers professional judgements to generate a worded comment on the report to highlight the progress a student is making from his entry point at the end of KS2. Year 9 students will also receive a 9-1 RP for both progress in mathematics and English.

Key Stage 4 - GCSE grades range from 1 up to 9 and in BTEC subjects from Level 1 Pass to Distinction star. In years 10 and 11 the grade reported to parents is an RP in relation to the students expected achievement at the end of the course should they continue at their current rate of progress.

The school also measures and reports on the effort and quality/consistency of homework using a 4 tiered grading system.

  1. Outstanding
  2. Good
  3. A need to improve
  4. Serious cause for concern