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Our approach to learning

Learning and the Curriculum at St Andrew’s

Our core business is learning, and our motto Nihil Sine Labore (Nothing Without Effort) acknowledges that success is achieved as a result of the hard work and dedication of all who form part of the family of St Andrew’s.

Your son’s success will be achieved through the challenge and expertise of a staff that are unafraid to reflect on what makes good learning. Our teachers continually develop their method and practice of teaching in line with recent educational research and we utilise the expertise of local partnership schools and national organisations such as PIXL in order to maximise the progress of our young men. Recent changes to the educational landscape have challenged all involved in education, commanding us to raise our expectations and proceed with cautious optimism into an uncertain landscape.

Our teachers are enthusiastic specialists in their subject areas and their focus is firmly on ensuring that all students make progress while transmitting a passion for learning. We believe that intelligence is not fixed and that through clear explanations, well-crafted questioning and modelling we can push all individuals to find and exploit their potential. Our teachers understand that everyone learns in different ways, and may be strong in one subject and yet be challenged in another. Our staff are genuinely interested in every young man’s welfare and progress, so will go the extra steps to ensure that your son is happy and work with them to find ways to unlock their abilities.

St Andrew’s is very proud of its curriculum; it provides a five-year journey where Key Stage 3 nurtures students allowing them to experience a broad and balanced curriculum as they prepare to make choices to specialise at Key Stage 4. We are constantly reflecting upon and revising the curriculum to ensure that all our young men are on the most appropriate pathway regardless of starting point. We also teach key study skills from year 7 so that they are more prepared for the rigour and demands of the new GCSE examinations.

Students are placed into sets according to ability for some core subjects from the start of year 7. The majority of learning takes place in mixed groups where tasks will be made available for students of different abilities as appropriate. Special provision is made for those who may have made insufficient progress in literacy or numeracy at their primary school.

An emphasis on personal and spiritual development allows students to grow in their understanding of their own faith and that of others. Opportunities for prayer, reflection and collective worship are integral to school life. We believe that it is important for students to understand the significance of religion and religious beliefs in society; it allows them to develop empathy and an understanding of difference, the ability to debate pertinent ethical issues and contextualise so much of what they see and hear in the media.

Sport is a vital and vibrant aspect of school life, and healthy competition is promoted within the school house system and with other schools. Your son will have the opportunity to join a wide range of teams and clubs both within the sporting realm and beyond and work in collaboration with other schools to achieve success.

We encourage all students to develop their skills and talents in the Arts, and at Key Stage 3 all young men are exposed to opportunities in Art, Drama and Music both as part of the formal curriculum and beyond the classroom. Your son will, for example, be offered the chance to visit local theatres, take part in charity focused Drama activities and the Worthing Children’s Parade where Art and creativity are celebrated with the wider community.

The curriculum is designed to fully prepare your son for his future; we want the best for each of our young men and we strive to ensure that this is achieved.