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Changes to school day decision

Governors have approved the following changes to the structure of the school day at St Andrew’s

  • shortening of the lunch break by 10 minutes from 45 minutes to 35 minutes
  • ending of the school day at 15:10 instead of 15:20

This will not involve any reduction of curriculum time and lessons will remain at their current length. The school premises will stay open after school to facilitate extra-curricular and intervention opportunities

The amendments are as follows:

  • In light of the uncertainty of the current situation due to Covid 19, the changes will not take place until September 2020.
  • The second canteen area will be open for a period of 20 minutes at the start of every lunch break and will serve cold snacks and drinks.  The main canteen will provide hot food and snacks; cold drinks will also be available.

In considering the proposal, the duration of other local schools’ lunch breaks was taken into account as well as feedback from a variety of stakeholders, including local Headteachers, parents, students and staff