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GCSE results 2019

On behalf of the staff and governors of St Andrew’s C of E High School, we would like to congratulate all our young men on achieving their recent GCSE results.  Hard work and a positive attitude has paid off, and it was a pleasure to watch so many faces light up as envelopes were opened and results acknowledged. 

A number of subjects exceeded the boys’ national average grades by a considerable margin including Maths and Photography by 10%, PE by 20% and Social Sciences achieving a 100% pass rate at 9-4.  Many others matched boys’ national average, reflecting St Andrew’s improving journey into the future.

Headteacher, Louise Welcome, thanks all staff for their persistence and drive in supporting the students through their studies and in particular, would like to commend the following students for impressive achievements: 

  • Keir Shields: 5 x grade 9s, 2 x grade 8s, 1 x grade 6 and 3 x grade 5s, 
  • Andrea Panesa: 2 x grade 9s, 5 x grade 8s, 3 x grade 7, 2 x grade 6 and a B grade
  • Tom Latos: 2 x grade 9s, 4 x grade 8s, 2 x grade 7, 1 x grade 6
  • Sam Baker: 2 x grade 9s, 3 x grade 8s, 2 x grade 7s and 4 x grade 6s
  • Cyrus Knopf: 1 x grade 9s, 4 x grade 8s, 3 x grade 7s and 3 x grade 6s
  • Matthew Hall: 1 x grade 9, 3 x grade 8s, 4 x grade 7s and 2 x grade 6s

The community of St Andrew’s is so very proud of the achievements of our young men who are now empowered to have choices for their futures.  We wish them every success in whatever direction their lives take.