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GCSE results 2020

St Andrew’s GCSE results day 2020 was every bit as positive as we had hoped it would be. Year 11 students were welcomed back to school on Thursday 20th August to receive their GCSE grades.  We are pleased to announce St Andrew’s students achieved very successful grades which reflected the hard work and dedication they showed to their studies.  Staff who joined this exciting day, delighted in hearing about the future plans of individual students and took great pleasure in congratulating those they have been working closely with for the last two years.  There definitely was the ‘results day buzz’ and smiles all round and it was wonderful to see our Year 11s back in school again for the first time since March. 

As a school we are incredibly proud of their resilient approach to the situation they found themselves in.  We look forward to watching them succeed in the next stage of their education or training

A number of students gained top grades including Alfie Davies with five grade 9’s and two grade 8’s, James Browne three grade 9s’ and four grade 8’s, Oliver Stibbs two grade 9’s and three grade 8’s and Joel Hunt with two grade 9's and 4 grade 8’s.

The staff and Governors at St Andrew’s CE High School congratulate all our Year 11s for their performance over the last two years, which have led to the GCSE grades they received today.  The School community continues to be impressed by the dignity and positivity demonstrated by all upon hearing that the examinations the students had been working so hard towards would not go ahead; their resilience throughout this uncertain period has been impressive. 

We wish our Year 11s a fulfilling future and will be excited to hear of their progress; these results will enable them to move on to their chosen pathways.  Their example will inspire those that follow and, as Headteacher, I am so very proud of them for all they have achieved.

Ms Welcome - Headteacher