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WW1 Commemorations

On Friday 9th November 2018, at Worthing train station, the students from St Andrews CE High School for Boys commemorated the Old boys from the school who bravely signed up to fight in WW1. This year is 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 and as part of the commemorations for this event The Royal British Legion and Southern Rail have organised a project called ‘The First World War Centenary Silhouettes’ to remember those that gave their lives. This projects aim is to get as many silhouettes as possible in train stations across the south all of which will be sponsored by Southern Rail ,with one stipulation, which is that a school or community group holds an event to remember those who lost their lives in the conflict.

St Andrew’s is one of the oldest schools in Worthing and can trace is history back to the 1800’s, Caroline Woodward Head of the Arts Faculty said “these men are part of our school’s heritage and its right that we take this opportunity to remember them, thirty-eight men and boys from St Andrew’s went to fight and none survived to tell their tale”.

Sponsored by Worthing and Adur council, St Andrew's boys have been busy producing a multi-media piece that involves GCSE students from Digital photography, Drama and Music all working collaboratively to produce a short commemorative film. The GCSE Photography students have produced digitally manipulated Images using a combination of Images from WW1, trench and frontline maps, images of Worthing both past and present as well as other relevant war time photographs which will form the visual content of the piece. The GCSE Music and Drama students have been working hard on composing the audio track. This involves the Drama students reading war poems which will be recorded over music composed by the GCSE Music students in a style sympathetic to the over all piece.

On the 9th November St Andrew’s held a short service at Worthing train station that was attended by the Mayor and Mayoress, the Town Crier, the Mayor’s Chaplain along with St Andrew’s Chair of Governors Clive Purser and Headteacher Louise Welcome as well as other local dignitaries. During the service, led by Gaz Daly the Mayor’s Chaplain, the Mayor unveiled and watched the film. This film along with the six pieces of commemorative artwork produced by the boys from St Andrew’s, will be on permanent display at the station. Whilst at St Andrew’s, the boys and staff took part in a remembrance assembly timed simultaneously to the event which took place at the station.