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Together 2021 programme (T21)

As a year 11 student your son is participating in the Together 2021 Programme (T21) which incorporates support and guidance for this important year leading up to the GCSE examinations.

Every Friday the T21 assembly brings the year group together to celebrate successes, promote events and activities and share ideas to support and motivate students.

The T21 - Parents section of the school website provides important information and resources including the weekly assembly presentations.

The T21 - Students section of the school website includes many resources used in form time, revision sessions and T21 assemblies.

Both sections will help you to to support your son's revision and wellbeing during this important year.

In addition to the weekly assemblies, form time is focused on year 11 tutees spending time being supported by their tutor with their wellbeing as well as targeted intervention.

At present tutors are working with your son through resources and a supporting booklet called PIXL Prepare to PerformThis helps students develop the mindset of a high achieving athlete through setting outcome and performance goals, organising their time, understanding how their mind and body works and making sure they are performance ready.

Many of these strategies are relatively new to the school and I hope you will enjoy discussing with your son.