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Pastoral Care

St Andrew’s is frequently complimented on the warmth and friendliness of both staff and students.

When we welcome parents and visitors into our community they often express surprise that their expectations of a boys only environment is challenged and they immediately notice the close community and the ethos of support and caring that permeates.

Each year group has a dedicated Head of Year who will look after your son’s educational and personal welfare for the five years that he is here, along with a dedicated team of tutors. Our pastoral system is designed to ensure that all our young men feel valued, important and known as individuals by those who are responsible for their care. All families will have a named point of contact who is able to respond to a phone call or email quickly and personally.

In addition, each student will join one of our Houses, designed to promote an increased sense of belonging and identity as well as providing opportunities for healthy competition through our ‘Super 6’ events held throughout the year.

In form times, assemblies and PSHCE, students are able to explore issues that are pertinent to them such as health, equal opportunities, e-safety, citizenship and careers. St Andrew’s is working with PIXL, a national educational organisation, to ensure that form times are valued and meaningful. Skills such as leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication are vital to the future success of every individual, and these are key foci for a coordinated programme delivered during daily form times.