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Our community is driven by our vision: we enable our community to live life wisely, with dignity and faith, experiencing life in all its fullness.

To ensure that all members of our community have a voice, and are part of the direction of the school, regular staff, student and parent surveys are undertaken.  Outcomes and actions are shared, championing transparency and clarity.

Each group are asked questions relevant to their role, with some overlapping areas. 
In our recent surveys, the following responses were received

My child is/I am happy at this school

Student   -   93%

Parent   -   92%


My child is/I am safe at this school

Student   -   96%

Parent   -   100%


I would recommend this school

Student   -   90%

Parent   -   82%

Staff   -   96%  

We will continuously strive to make improvements, placing our students at the centre of all that we do
Should you have feedback, we would love to hear from you.  You can share feedback with us at any time via

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