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St Andrew’s CE High School is firmly rooted in our Christian foundation, which is embedded and summarised through our mission to; ‘Awaken, Love and Serve’. Our core values are centred around the Christian ethos that ‘’all you do be done in love’’ (1 Corinthians 16:14) and this is lived out in everything that we do. 

The values of respect, responsibility and integrity are visible in mutually supportive relationships and in the excellent conduct of our students.  These relationships begin with our form tutors who know their students well.  All students engage in reflection during morning tutor time where scripture is explored respectfully, experiences shared and personal reflections made.  Whilst tutor time reflections are based around the Christian teachings, it is accessible to all irrespective of faith.

A weekly worship programme means twice a week, students will come together in their wider communities for collective worship, building a sense of community, guiding students through specific aspects of school and recognising the successes of all. 

Religious Education is a core subject at STA where students have the opportunity to appreciate the diversity of the world, learning about other religions and worldviews.  


At STA, we are committed to faith in action. As part of this we; take care of older members of our wider community by visiting them and sharing our songs; support our local charities such as Wadars, Turning Tides and Worthing Food Bank and actively look to make a positive impact on the world around us.


We are proud of our Christian foundations and at STA, students and staff are loved and valued regardless of their faith background; everyone has a special place here.

Christian Life

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