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Leadership Team

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I joined the teaching profession as an English teacher, keen to improve the outcomes of young people.  I moved swiftly into a Head of Year role, as I felt a passion for supporting the holistic growth of students.  I led my year group to being in the top 5% nationally for progress in their GCSE year.  During this time I gained an Masters in Education, with a focus on SEN and pastoral care and undertook a National Professional Qualification of Senior Leadership. 

I later moved on to... Read more!

Mia Lowney

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After completion of my GCSEs I had the chance to study abroad at the International School of Kuala Lumpur, an amazing opportunity which allowed me to experience different cultures studying in a diverse school.

On returning to the UK I studied Sport, Health and Leisure with Business Management BA (Hons) at Trinity and All Saints, Leeds University. After working in a number of different jobs...

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Paul Guyan
Deputy Headteacher 
Pastoral & Conduct

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To be confirmed...

Deputy Headteacher 
September 2024 start

Chris Kirk
Business Manager

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Completing a Business and Management BA(Hons) late in life allowed me to explore new types of roles. I was an Operations and Facilities Manager for a large charity by the time I finished studying. I joined a small SEND school in Lewes which had a profound effect on my outlook on life and allowed me to experience such diversity in people and...

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I began my teaching career in Physical Education and promptly moved to a lead pastoral role, overseeing the attendance, academic progress and behaviour of students.   During this time, I completed a Masters in Education, specialising in teacher training.  As a result of this, I worked alongside the University of Brighton contributing to the provision of initial teacher training in Sussex schools.

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Harriet Goss
Senior Assistant Headteacher - 
Personal Development

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In my role as Senior Assistant Headteacher, I work alongside my colleagues to support and develop the learning experience for every student in every classroom as the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). I also continue in my role as the Head of Mathematics Faculty.

Previous to my senior leadership roles...

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Maria Stewart
Senior Assistant Headteacher - 


I found my passion for teaching creativity and innovation after graduating from a BSc(hons) in Product Design and PGCE in Design Technology at age 22. I then quickly rose through the ranks within a DT department ending up managing a large department that taught six different DT GCSEs. 

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Natascha McNaught
Assistant Headteacher - 

Heads of Faculty

Head of Art & DT - Ms O Fine 
Head of Business Studies - Mr T Lee
Head of Computing - Mrs M Stewart
Head of Engineering - Mrs N McNaught
Head of English - Ms A Allen
Head of Food - Mr G Nicholls
Head of Geography - Ms K Law
Head of History - Ms J Statham
Head of Maths - Ms W Smith
Head of MFL - Mrs V Miteska
Head of Music - Ms M Leow
Head of PE - Mr G Nicholls
Head of Religious Studies - Mrs M Mcpherson-Pratt
Head of Science - Mr R Shaw
Head of STEM - Mr T Streamer

Year Leaders

Head of Year 7 - Mrs K Prentice
Head of Year 8 - Mrs L Rule
Head of Year 9 - Mrs T Fuller
Head of Year 10 - Mr M Carter
Head of Year 11 - Mr A Harwood


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