It is important that all students are fully supported and guided through the process of planning their futures.


At St Andrew’s our programme of careers education is delivered through PSHCE, special events, enrichment programmes, visits, trips and assemblies and also within individual departments and through form time.

All students will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their abilities and affinities

  • Gain a greater knowledge of the range of opportunities open to them

  • Take part in work related activities in and out of school

  • Understand the labour market and the requirements and expectations of employers

  • Learn to make decisions wisely about their future

  • Be prepared to manage change and be fully supported through key transition periods

  • Learn how to improve their own employability: how to find work, how to get work and how to progress their careers

Careers and Enterprise at St Andrew’s is led by Mrs McNaught (Assistant Headteacher).

Mrs McNaught can be contacted via or 01903 820676.

If you would like to explore local provision for Further Education or Higher Education, please see the links below: