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We run an enhanced transition programme for Year 6 students joining us in Year 7.  It is lovely to meet so many Year 6 students who take up the offer to come and have tours the school.  Building relationships is important in supporting our students as they transition to a new phase in their lives.   

Our extended transition programme begins as soon as a student is named as a member of the St Andrew's community in the Spring term.

Students benefit from tours of the school; meeting key staff members; live information events to answer initial questions; key pastoral staff visit all primary schools; and the transition day in July in which students meet their tutor and tutor group.

In the summer holidays we were pleased to be able to run a summer school for our new Year 7 cohort, in order to give them the time and opportunity to meet their new classmates, and also run a summer fayre to offer a similar social experience. 

We look forward to welcoming new students into the St Andrew's family! 

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Transition events

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