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At St Andrew's we offer a wide range of GCSEs, BTECs and other qualifications. 

GCSE grades are awarded to using numbers after moving away from the previous letter based system. GCSEs are awarded using a scale of 9-1, and U for unclassified grades. 

Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC)

are specialist work-related qualifications. BTEC Tech Awards are BTECs designed specifically for 14-16 year olds to study alongside GCSEs in schools.

Overall Achievements obtained can vary from
Level 1 / Pass, Level 1 / Merit, Level 1 / Distinction

Level 2 / Pass, Level 2 / Merit, Level 2 / Distinction and Level 2 / Distinction* 

We have prepared a Student Handbook to give information to students and help answer questions about GCSE Examinations. 


Year 11 October 2023 mock exams timetable

Year 11 February 2024 mock exams timetable 

Year 11 Summer 2024 GCSE Examination timetable

Year 10 November 2023 mock exams timetable

Year 10 February 2024 mock exams timetable (coming soon)

Exam board information for candidates:

JCQ - Non-examined assessment

JCQ - Coursework assessment

JCQ - Written Examinations

JCQ - Privacy Notice

JCQ - Social Media

Exam-specific policies: 

Access arrangements 

Access to scripts, ROM & appeals

Child protection and safeguarding 

Complaints and appeals procedure 

Contingency plan including cyber attacks 

Data protection 

Emergency evacuation 


Exams archiving

Internal appeals procedure (internal assessment decisions)

Internal appeals form (internal assessment decisions)

Internal appeals procedure (review of results and appeals)


Non-examination assessment

Separate invigilation


Word processor


Vocational exam policies

BTEC Procedures & Guidance

Should you have specific questions about examinations at St Andrew's, please feel free to contact our
Exams Officer on:

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