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School day

08.40am     -     9.05am

Morning tutor/assembly

09.05am     -     10.05am

Lesson 1

10.05am     -     11.05am 

Lesson 2

11.05am     -     11.25am


11.25am     -     12.25pm

Lesson 3

12.25pm     -     1.25pm

KS4 Lesson 4

1.25pm      -     2.00pm

KS4 Lunch 

12.25pm     -     1.00pm

KS3 Lunch

1.00pm      -     2.00pm

KS3 Lesson 4

2.00pm      -     3.00pm

Lesson 5

3.00pm      -     3.10pm


Following a consultation, all stakeholders opted for the trial of a split lunch. This trial will run until the May half term (with lunch at 12:25 for KS3 and at 13:25 for KS4).
The outcome of the trial will be published in June. 

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