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At St Andrew’s our STEM Mission is: 

"To develop creative, entrepreneurial, problem-based transdisciplinary learning opportunities, whereby students address real-world problems & questions, work collaboratively and produce meaningful conclusions."

Within our interactive, hands-on STEM curriculum we build up practical skills, subject knowledge & understanding and provide exposure to a range of STEM careers spanning the globe. Each academic year follows the same pattern. The students’ skills and knowledge are built up each year to enable them to tackle more difficult tasks and challenges throughout KS3: 

  • Autumn term – students examine real life engineering challenges from across the global which different professions tackled and overcame. They then undertaking similar practical design tasks acting as these professionals. 

  • Spring term – students will continue to investigate careers and build up their STEM skills through 2 short projects. 

  • Summer term – students will undertake a transdisciplinary research and design project. 


The skills and knowledge built up during their STEM lessons will help them to understand the importance of this subject for their future career prospects, supporting them in becoming adaptable and wise adults. It also puts into context the importance the skills being taught in Science, DT, ICT and Maths play in these careers as well. They will also play a big part in preparing students for GCSE Engineering which St Andrew’s will launch in September 2022. 

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