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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion: Our community promise

At St Andrew's, we are committed to enabling all of our community to live life wisely, with dignity and faith, experiencing life in all its fullness.  This means that we celebrate every individual, and support them in their own personal journey.

We pledge to always challenge discrimination, educate on equality and relentlessly advocate for all individuals from all races, backgrounds, cultures and communities, of all genders and of all ages. 

We are undertaking the following throughout this academic year:

  • Curriculum audit and review focusing on, but not limited to: 

    • The choice of texts​

    • The range of diverse voices, including authors and experiences, within units of work

    • The choice of case studies

  • The Rainbow Flag initiative, seeking parent, student and staff voice as we grow and develop a full and empathetic understanding of those around us.  We are proud to have achieved the Rainbow Flag Award, a national quality assurance framework, in recognition of the work we have undertaken in the following areas:

  • 'Education Required' log for staff to record any form of comment that raised concerns, which is then emailed to parents following education on the topic within school

  • Weekly tutor time activities focusing on advocacy, self-reflection, respect, responsibility and integrity

  • Regular and ongoing targeted education through PSHE and RE lessons on different perspectives, diversity and equality 

  • Targeted education, through PSHE and tutor time, on the language of diversity (key words and their history)

  • Drop down enrichment days, focusing on advocacy, self-reflection, respect, responsibility and integrity

  • Further grow the use of Tootoot to raise awareness and report concerns, including language use

  • Embedding a clear escalation process for any repeat behaviours that are discriminatory, following re-education and a restorative approach

You can find our Equalities policy on our Policies page, or by clicking here.

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Diversity and Inclusion: Our actions

Diversity and Inclusion: Knowledge Organisers

To be fully inclusive, we must aim to fully understand others.  Below, are Knowledge Organisers to support our community in understanding each other.  Please click on the images to access the documents  The breadth and depth of these documents will continue to grow.  Should you have an idea of a Knowledge Organiser that would support others in growing their understanding, please share this with us via

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LGBTQ+ Knowledge Organiser


Culture Knowledge Organise


SEND Knowledge Organiser

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