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Enrichment & Extra Curricular 

At St Andrew’s we believe that the provision of learning outside of the traditional classroom environment broadens our curriculum, enabling our students to apply and develop learning in real life situations.

The entitlement curriculum covers a wide range of experiences and opportunities for students to learn holistically and developing character. 


Clubs start back on Monday 12th Sept, unless otherwise stated. You can view the timetable via the link below. Please click on the tab for the relevant year group. More clubs and activities will be added throughout the year. 


Link to after school activity timetable 

Enrichment Week

Activities Week in July provides an opportunity for all students to meaningfully engage with extended trips and visits that they may otherwise not be able to. 

Trips will range from day trips, overnight stays to full residentials. These types of trips are an excellent way for student to build on their in class learning as well as learn important soft skills such as independence and of self-organisation.  We want all of our students to be able to take advantage of such an activity during their five years at St Andrew’s. To support our community to plan for this, a five-year calendar of trips and visits is published. Applications for trips are made early in the year to give parents sufficient time to pay for the more expensive options. 

This week will also allow us to offer students in year 10 work experiences both on site and off site.

Please visit our Enrichment Week website for more information by clicking here

In Year Trips and Visits 

To enhance the curriculum and further develop a love of learning, students have the opportunity to go on visits and trips. 

Each faculty ensures that students are given opportunities to explore the curriculum in different contexts, bringing the content and learning to life.  The trips calendar is planned to support the curriculum intent of each faculty and enable students to access each area of the curriculum throughout their time at St Andrew's.  

Afterschool provision

Faculties offer a wide range of afterschool provision and activities ranging from the Arts, Drama, STEM, Sports and creative writing. A weekly activities notice is share with parents and carers via our newsletter and during tutor time, and outlines the offer.   An example of the weekly offer can be found on the link below. 


5 year calendar of trips and visits

Link to example after school activity timetable 

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