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Ofsted and SIAMs reports

St Andrew’s CE High School received its most recent Section 5 Ofsted Inspection on 19th and 20th April 2023.

The inspection team recognised that "Leaders have worked tirelessly to ensure that all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), receive a good quality of education" and that "Pupils feel cared for".  The report states that students "voices are heard and valued by staff who know them well" reinforcing that "Pupils understand the importance of respecting differences between people and celebrate diversity regularly". 

The report leaders who are "tenacious" and "cater well for pupils' personal development"

We are very proud that the report recognises that teachers "skilfully check how well pupils have understood what they have learned before moving them on to more complex concepts."

We encourage you to read the full Ofsted report (please click here) which celebrates the wealth of strength across the school.  

"Pupils are proud to attend this nurturing and highly inclusive school where kindness flourishes."

Ofsted GOOD 2023

The inspectors praised the high standards of pastoral care and safeguarding, and recognised our commitment to providing a broad and balanced education to our students, as well as the excellent careers programme that allows our students to make sensible and well informed choices. Both student and parent voice was immensely positive with the report stating that "staff morale is high.  


If you would like a chance to comment on any part of school life, there is part of the OFSTED website called Parent View. To prevent misuse within the site you will be asked to register  Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Click here to access Parent View.


Purpose and focus of SIAMS Inspections

The principal objective of SIAMS inspection is to evaluate how effective the school is in its distinctive Christian vision; and how this is established and promoted by leadership at all levels, to enable pupils and adults to flourish. 

Our 2023 inspection report states that “St Andrew’s is an inspirational school” and “a shining example of equity, inclusivity and fairness, where all thrive”.  We are proud that our celebration of individual identity was recognised, in which the report states the whole community "clearly recognise that each person is valued as a unique individual".  

The evaluation is undertaken through seven Inspection Questions:

  • How the school's theologically rooted Christian vision enables pupils and adults to flourish

  • How the curriculum reflects the school's theologically rooted Christian vision

  • How collective worship enables pupils and adults to flourish spiritually 

  • How the school theologically rooted Christian vision creates a culture in which pupils and adults are treated well

  • How the school theologically rooted Christian vision creates an active culture of justice and responsibility 

  • Whether the religious education curriculum is effective 

  • The quality of religious education 

The timing of SIAMS inspections is now determined by the overall judgement of the previous Section 48 inspection:

  • Schools judged as a J1 overall will normally be inspected every 5 years

  • Schools judged as a J2 overall will be inspected every 3-5 years.

Our last inspection was on 11th and 12th October 2023 and we were graded J1, which means that the inspection findings indicate that the school is living up to its foundation as a Church school, and is enabling pupils and adults to flourish.

Please click here to read our latest SIAMs report.

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