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Business Manager
Mr C Kirk 

Completing a Business and Management BA(Hons) late in life allowed me to explore new types of roles. I was an Operations and Facilities Manager for a large charity by the time I finished studying. I joined a small SEND school in Lewes which had a profound effect on my outlook on life and allowed me to experience such diversity in people and the effects of a great pastoral service on childrenHaving gained experience as a Business Manager for that small school, I moved here to St Andrew’s as an alumnus.


I am incredibly proud to be back at the school which put me on the path to becoming what I am now. Much has changed for the better in the years since I was here, diversity and inclusion being the biggest changes and of course now the school’s being co-ed. The place is amazing, having multiple new buildings and facilities since my time as a student.

I live locally and have a good understanding of the local community and politics, which is also an advantage.


I will continue to study and will be doing everything I can as Business Manager to make sure that as much funding as possible is provided for the benefit of our students.

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