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MIT - Computing

Key stage 3

The curriculum is designed to develop three strands (information technology, digital literacy and computer science). Students are introduced to school systems, and e-safety strategies while developing a basic understanding of how computers work and the basics of text based programming. 


Students build on the knowledge developed in Year 7 by revisiting key skills and developing an understanding of more complex techniques in programming, hardware and digital graphics. 


Students build on the knowledge developed in Year 8, by developing key skills ready to support their transition to GCSE courses. Students review and develop more complex skill in programming, problem solving, digital graphics and how computers work. 

Key stage 4

Students are offered the opportunity to pursue Computing at KS4, through the OCR Computing GCSE course. Students are well prepared to embark on this course due to the skills they have developed through KS3.

Students will study: systems architecture, memory and storage, network topologies, system software, system security, ethical, legal and social implications of computing along side text based programming, designing and interpreting algorithms, data representation and defensive design. 

St Andrews -84 (1)
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