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MIT - Media Studies

Intent Statement

Literary in the media age

Media Studies at GCSE enables students of all abilities the opportunity to achieve highly whilst celebrating diversity, questioning representation of women from all backgrounds in the media and encouraging students to be aspirational.


The intent of Media Studies is to give students a framework for understanding, analysing and critiquing historical and contemporary media products and then being able to apply those skills to the media products they consume in their own lives. Our course focuses on the study of critical theories relating to the media and the four main aspects and media interpretation; language, representation, audiences and industry. These components allow our students to question the media products they encounter in their day-to-day lives and consider, carefully, how members of society are represented in both a positive and negative manner and apply these skills to wider social contexts.

The Media curriculum focuses on building on the skills of analysis that students learn through their study of English during KS3 which enables them to deconstruct all forms of media products and understand the connotations of any form of information that is presented to the. Our students are pushed continually to improve their skills and are always challenged to be the best version of themselves and take what they learn in Media Studies to help them in the wider world around them.

All Media Studies students are taught to be creative and will engage in a range of creative activities over the course of study. Students will be challenged throughout their time with us to push the boundaries of their creative ability and will have experience creating magazines, film posters and print advertising.

Students learn vital information through their engagement with different forms of media and learn about the representation of all members of society through the media. This understanding allows students to be informed about the way the media portray information and give them the skills to make up their own minds ones encountering varied facts and opinions.

Students become wiser and more adaptable throughout their study of Media Studies with us at STA. Students learning to analyse all forms of information and determine the validity and credibility of that information. Their ability to determine the intent behind chosen forms of representation in the media will allow out students to be wise and adaptable during their time at STA and for the years ahead.

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