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Key stage 3

The Art curriculum at KS3 is based upon the learning of skills via the formal elements. Projects themes are interleaved to allow the development, consolidation and extension of skills alongside the teaching of 20thC and contemporary artists, craftspeople and designers. In year 7 we begin by teaching colour theory and mark-making in colour with a focus on British values and identity through the work of David Hockney. Moving onto the Hundertwasser project, consolidating knowledge on colour theory and introducing 3D relief construction skills by looking at architecture and Eco design. Then finally, the Insect project that consolidates knowledge of drawing and mark making and extends 3D skills creating a fully 3D insect from wire with a focus on the contemporary artists Rosalind Monks and Joan Danziger.

In year 8 we begin by revisiting colour theory and 3D construction skills through the ‘Day of the dead project’. This project introduces students to world cultural identities. Moving on to the Bold design project with a focus on British female artists consolidating and extending understanding of colour theory and British design and lettering. Then finally, the ‘Portrait project’ that consolidates and extends their drawing and mark-making skills, understanding of proportion and scale with a focus on Van Gogh and Freida Kahlo extending students understanding of identity through portraiture and symbolism. 

In year 9 the focus throughout this year is Pop Art. We begin with the Oldenburg cake project, extending students 3D construction skills with a focus on fast/ junk food and consumerism. Moving on to Lichtenstein portraits with a focus on comic strips, bold colour, pattern and outlines. This project also touches upon the portrayal and roles of females in the 50’s/60’s societies and how this has changed. Then finally the Collection project, that focuses on Graphic design badges/logos and identity in British pop culture. This project revisits British values and the emerging cultural and youth identities drawing parallels with current issues.        

Key stage 4

Students explore, through a range of two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional processes and media, practical application of skills and relevant critical and contextual sources such as the work of contemporary artists, craftspeople and designers and the different purposes, intentions and functions of art, craft and design as appropriate to their own work. Students will create a minimum of two extended projects that will be make up the coursework portfolio of work. All projects have different starting points/ themes are wide enough to inspire and encourage a range of individual artistic tastes and will encourage you to work independently and explore your ideas. 

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