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PSHCE - Personal, Social, Health and Careers Education

Key stage 3

In PSHE/RSE students gain an understanding of their community and their place within it, including British Values.  Students are taught how to be safe (on and offline) in terms of relationships, friendships, personal travel and independence.  They are taught about health and wellbeing through understanding puberty, hygiene, exercise, nutrition, identity and how these link to positive mental health.  Year 7 students will have a firm understanding of how peer pressure, social media and differing views affect them.  They are taught about equality and the law with regard to how they interact with peers. 

Students will explore in greater depth their rights and responsibilities as citizens including British Values within Year 8.  They will revisit health and wellbeing with more emphasis on mental health and how to stay well and how to access help when required.   Year 8 students will develop their knowledge of different influences in society including gang culture including following the topics of coercion, grooming, radicalisation and extremism.  They will gain a deeper understanding of different types of relationships and will be taught about FGM.   

students in Year 9 will explore diverse, multi-cultural societies and how these contribute to rich and valuable communities.  In health and wellbeing, students will look at how to manage risk related to online and offline including drug and alcohol use.  Naturally, Year 9 will be taught about opportunities for their career and option pathways, which will allow them to make wise choices for a positive future.  Students look at finance and budgeting and comparing their options with those of children in other countries.  Year 9 students will understand how differing pressures may affect their personal relationship choices and will gain a clear understanding of consent and the law.  Particular peer pressures will be examined, specifically relating to gang culture, substance misuse, sexting, grooming and pressure to engage in risky behaviour along with how to say no.

Key stage 4

Throughout Key Stage 4 students explore the importance of relationships, love and how to be an ethical adult as they move towards entering the adult world.  They explore 'real world' challenges, including careers, finances, democracy and job applications.  

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