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Humanities - Geography

Key stage 3

In year 7 students begin by focusing on the three core topics of geological time (to appreciate the scale of geography), the geography of the Uk and map skills (to secure locational knowledge and that of our core concepts), they then look at traditionally global topics of ecosystems and weather through the lens of the UK and finally comparing the UK to Russia. 

In year 8 we focus on two core questions, how humans shape the environment and how the environment shapes human behaviour, through this year we study traditional physical geography of coasts and glaciers, as well as desertification and  deforestation across Africa. The Africa theme continues with a study of rural to urban migration, trade and global economics. 

In year 9 we develop the concept of risk at a number of scales, we begin locally focusing on mapping crime, this helps students understand the scales in geography. Students then complete a focus on the middle east and political risk, before studying hydrology and flooding, India (tourism and rural to urban migration), tectonic hazards in Nepal and finally global climate change . Concepts such as adaption and mitigation are used throughout the lessons to develop further sophistication. 

Key stage 4

In key stage 4 students develop a broad physical, human and fieldwork orientated curriculum, focussing from local to national study. 

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