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Our student leadership teams are led by our senior students, and ensure that our students' voices are heard.  

If you have a question, or would like Ms Goss to consider an idea to improve the school, make sure you tell your student council representative who will share it at student council.  

We have a large number of opportunities for students to develop their leadership.  Each role is voluntary, and enables our students to be involved in the direction of the school. 

Head Student Team


Elected by the student body the Head Student team is made up of a 2 Head students and Prefects from Key Stage 4. These individuals are the student face of St Andrew’s and are responsible for receiving and acting on student voice in the school.


The Prefects support the Head Students and work with the linked member of the Senior Leadership Team to represent and improve the school. Prefects are the school’s role models and will play an active part in the coordination of the new school house system. Representing the school at various events, mentoring other students and touring prospective students they will work to promote support he schools values and ethos.

Worship Leaders 


School Council


All tutor groups elect one representative to be a voice for their views about school life.  All students can apply. Meetings are chaired by the current Head Student team.  The minutes of their meetings are published for all and part of the responsibility of the student council representative to feedback weekly to their tutor group. Student council is valued at St Andrew’s and provides the student body with a forum to express their thoughts and concerns.

Tutor Captains

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Student leadership

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