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Arts - Music

Key stage 3

Each term is split into two blocks that ensure students spend enough time to get a deep understanding of the topics being covered.  Year 7 starts with the basics of notation and the elements of Music. These are then interwoven throughout the year, allowing students to reinforce and extend their knowledge and understanding.

Year 8 begins with the key topics of rhythm, form and structure. These modules continue throughout the year to build on previous understanding. The Blues, African Music and music technology are featured during this year.

In Year 9, further development of the elements of Music is explored. Students are provided with opportunities to further develop their listening, composition and performance skills in preparation for Key stage four. Projects covered include film music, song writing and music of the Twentieth Century.

Key stage 4

As in Key Stage 3, all of the elements of music are further explored.  The students follow the AQA Music syllabus which includes listening, composing and performing. For each of these the objectives there are exam and coursework elements.  The syllabus also includes two set works: Paul Simon’s Graceland and Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto.

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